Accessibily Services | Hillcrest Center for the Arts

Information about Access Services for our Patrons:
The Hillcrest Center for the Arts makes its performances and facilities accessible. If you have questions or would like to receive additional information about accessibility at HCFA performances, please call the Box Office at (805) 381-1246.

Wheelchair Seating:
Accessible seating for persons in wheelchairs or persons with disabilities and their attendants or companions is available for every performance at the Hillcrest Center for the Arts. You may purchase these tickets online by selecting the "Wheelchair and companion seats" section, or by calling the Box Office at (805) 381-1246. Should you need accommodations after purchasing seats outside this section, you may call the Box Office to arrange for different seats.

Seating Locations:
The Wheelchair and Companion Seat section is located in the first row, regardless of the theatre or room configuration. It is accessible through the main doors of the facility.

Fully accessible restrooms are available adjacent to the Theatre and the Large Rehearsal Room, and the Community Room.

Accessible parking spaces are located at the left and right edges of the building and include van accessible parking. The Theater, Box Office, and Activity Rooms are located one level down from the parking lot. An elevator is located in the center of the building and is accessible from the sidewalk at the front. Parking is free for all patrons. Wheelchairs are not provided.

Parking lot elevator:
The elevator from the HCFA parking lot is located directly in front of the accessible parking area.