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String Programs for Spring 2021 on Zoom

All aspects of Registration are fully open and functioning. Automatic Billing is a choice at checkout and you can choose to select 4 equal payments of $46.25 with the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th payments on 2/1/21, 3/1/21, and 4/1/21; or you can choose to make the full payment. If you need financial assistance in the form of a fee waiver, click on the Financial Aid Button Below and follow the instructions. If you apply for financial assistance, DO NOT complete class registration below as the Financial Aid Process will handle your registration.

(Chorus is the example; all class registrations have this option)

CVUSD Elementary Band & Strings Programs are presented at Conejo Valley Unified School District Elementary Schools through the cooperative efforts of the Arts Council of the Conejo Valley, the Conejo Recreation & Park District, and the Conejo Valley Unified School District.

The Elementary String Programs are held in two semesters and runs for the entire year.

Elementary Strings in 3rd grade. Elementary Strings students may choose from violin, viola, or cello.

Financial Assistance & Payment Plans
Materials Needed
Refund Policy




It is our goal to make the Elementary Music Program available to all interested students regardless of financial need. However, our financial aid pool is limited, so to provide assistance to as many students as possible, we ask that parents try to make some payment. Our suggested minimum payment is 25% of the total $185 fee, which is $46.25.

Payment Plan with Automatic Credit Card Charges:
If making payment helps with you home finances, you can go directly to the registration page and chose the automatic credit card payment option. The only choice is to use a credit card and agree to an automatic payment schedule.

FOR FALL 2020 Strings:
Payment 1 with Registration = $46.25
Payment #2: $46.25 charged on February 1.
Payment #3: $46.25 charged on March 1
Payment #4: $46.25 charged on April 1
To request Financial Assistance in the form of a partial or complete fee waiver, we have created an online form which you must complete and submit. This form is the registration form for Students Requesting Financial Aid, DO NOT COMPELTE THE REGISTRATION ABOVE - ONLY SUBMIT THIS FORM. Hillcrest Center for the Arts Staff will contact you with approval of your request and if you are makeing a partial payment, you will need to do so by call in the Hillcrest Center for the Arts at 805-381-2747.

Materials Needed
Supplemental material will be provided by the instructor at no extra charge. Parents are responsible for providing an instrument, the method book specified by the instructor, a shoulder rest (Kuhn or similar design) for violin/viola students, and extra strings (1 A-string and 1 D-string) for violin/viola students. A folding music stand to keep at home for practice is recommended but not required. Some schools may be able to provide instruments. Parents interested in this option should contact their Strings instructor for more information. Resources for method book purchase and instrument rental/purchase are listed below.
Nick Rail Music                                       
Agoura Hills
818 991-3750  
Music & Arts
Westlake Village
Cyndi Hall’s Music Studio       
 (661) 212-8531
 (661) 755-9418 
Refund Policy
Prorated refunds require approval by the Arts Council of the Conejo Valley. Full refunds may be granted for extenuating circumstances. All refunds, if granted, are subject to a minimum cancellation fee of $45.00 after the second session of class. To request a refund you must contact the Hillcrest Center for the Arts at (805) 381-2747 or via email at Please note: Refunds for payments by check will take 4-6 weeks to process. Refunds for credit card payments will be processed on the same card used to make the initial payment.

Dear Elementary Music Parents,

I hope that all our elementary music families are doing as well as can be during this stressful time. We want to make sure that everyone knows that participation in our Elementary Music Program is voluntary and we hope that it is a positive activity for your children. But every situation is different, and we understand that it may be better for your family to delay participation at this time. We are also aware that CVUSD will be rolling out some of their own classes and we will adjust our schedules if they conflict.
Here is an update on the security that we have in place for our online Elementary Band, Strings, and Chorus classes via Zoom. We offer these classes with the instruction that each parent should monitor their child’s online access and should log their student on and offline for these classes.
We ran several classes yesterday and reports are the they were fun, educational, and worked well for the students.
Here is what we are doing to up the security for these classes.

Please look for an email from your music instructor. If you do not receive an email today, please go to and navigate to the BandStrings, or Chorus page to find your music instructor’s email address. Write to them and ask to be added to the class email list. We have asked each instructor to use the same subject line for each email so you can easily search and find these emails. This subject line will be in the first email they send out.
If you have any questions, please email the Hillcrest Center for the Arts at or call us Monday – Friday, 9am to 5pm at 805-381-2747. Please stay safe and we look forward to providing positive educational classes for your children.
Scott Buchanan
Cultural Programs Supervisor
Hillcrest Center for the Arts
Conejo Recreation & Park District

We have developed a way to conduct the remaining Spring 2020 Band Classes using a web meeting software called Zoom. This will allow a safe way to participate in chorus while the schools are closed and everyone is required to stay at home.
All the String Instructors ran some test classes which showed that this is an exciting way to keep students involved and provide a positive and culturally enriching activity for our students while they are alone. They will also get to interact with their classmates in a safe and fun way. We are very excited about this program and believe it will really be a great thing for our community.
Zoom Classes will allow the students to be together virtually and safely and will allow our instructors to continue to provide Stirng Music Instruction. Each instructor will be sending out an email with specific information on how to access the class via Zoom.  The list below has the Class Schedule by School along with the instructor email addresses. Instructors will email Zoom links to parents.
If you do not receive an email from the instructor, then you can email the instructor to request the link to the Zoom Class.
Zoom Policy:
All classes will be taught by your regular instructor from the school and will use approved instruction material appropriate for Elementary Chorus. The instructor will record each class so if a student misses the class, they will be able to view it later. (We will include a link to the video page once the program starts.) We expect that parents will monitor their participant’s use of the computer and internet. We will require that parents log their student on and off and supervise them as they would with any use of the computer and internet.

Estimados padres de música elemental,
Espero que a todas nuestras familias de música elemental les vaya tan bien como pueda en este momento estresante. Queremos asegurarnos de que todos sepan que la participación en nuestro Programa de Música Primaria es voluntaria y esperamos que sea una actividad positiva para sus hijos. Pero cada situación es diferente, y entendemos que puede ser mejor para tu familia retrasar la participación en este momento. También somos conscientes de que CVUSD irá desarrollando algunas de sus propias clases y ajustaremos nuestros horarios si entran en conflicto.
A continuación se presenta una actualización de la seguridad que tenemos para nuestras clases en línea de Banda, Cuerdas y Coro a través de Zoom. Ofrecemos estas clases con la instrucción de que cada padre debe supervisar el acceso en línea de su hijo y debe iniciar sesión en línea y fuera de línea para estas clases.
Ayer impartimos varias clases y los informes son que fueron divertidos, educacionales y trabajaron bien para los estudiantes.
Esto es lo que estamos haciendo para mejorar la seguridad de estas clases:
-Cada instructor enviará un correo electrónico independiente con la contraseña necesaria para acceder a estas clases de zoom en línea.
-Cada instructor enviará un correo electrónico semanal que contiene los enlaces para las Clases de Zoom de esa semana.
-El uso compartido de pantalla se ha deshabilitado para todos los participantes, por lo que sólo el instructor de música puede compartir su pantalla.
-Se ha deshabilitado el uso compartido de archivos para todos los participantes.
-Todos los estudiantes son silenciados durante las clases. Habrá momentos en los que los estudiantes "virtualmente levanten la mano" para hacer preguntas en momentas designadas durante la clase. El instructor se encargará individualmente de los estudiantes de la UNMUTE en ese momento.
-En su mayor parte, el Chat se desactivará excepto en los momentos designados durante la clase.
-Pedimos que todos los participantes sigan las pautas normales de comportamiento en clase mientras participan en estas Clases de Zoom.
-Todas las clases de zoom se registran por razones de seguridad.
Busca un correo electrónico de tu instructor de música. Si no recibe un correo electrónico hoy, vaya a y navegue a la página Banda, Cuerdas o Coro para encontrar la dirección de correo electrónico de su instructor de música. Escríbelos y pídeles que se añadan a la lista de correo electrónico de clase. Hemos pedido a cada instructor que utilice la misma línea de asunto para cada correo electrónico, de modo que pueda buscar y encontrar fácilmente estos correos electrónicos. Esta línea de asunto estará en el primer correo electrónico que envíen.
Si tiene alguna pregunta, por favor envíe un correo electrónico al Centro de Artes de Hillcrest a o llámenos de lunes a viernes de 9 a.m. a 5 p.m. al 805-381-2747. Por favor, manténgase a salvo y esperamos poder ofrecer clases educativas positivas para sus hijos.
Scott Buchanan
Supervisor de programas culturales
Centro de Arte Hillcrest
Distrito de Recreación y Parque Conejo

Hemos desarrollado una manera de llevar a cabo las restantes Clases de música elemental Primavera 2020 utilizando un software de reunión web llamado Zoom. Esto permitirá una forma segura de participar en coro, banda y cuerdas mientras las escuelas están cerradas y todos deben quedarse en casa.
Los instructores tenían algunas clases de prueba que demostraron que esta es una manera excitante de mantener a los estudiantes involucrados y proporcionar una actividad positiva y culturalmente enriquecida para nuestros estudiantes mientras están solos. También podrán interactuar con sus compañeros de clase de manera segura y divertida. Estamos muy entusiasmados con este programa y creemos que será realmente una gran cosa para nuestra comunidad.
Las Clases Zoom permitirán a los estudiantes estar juntos virtual y seguro y permitirán a nuestros instructores continuar proporcionando la Instrucción de Música. Cada instructor enviará un correo electrónico con información específica sobre cómo acceder a la clase a través de Zoom. La lista que aparece a continuación contiene el programa de clases por escuela junto con las direcciones de correo electrónico del instructor. Los instructors enviarán por correo electrónico enlaces de Zoom a los padres.
Si no recibe un mensaje de correo electrónico del instructor, puede enviar un correo electrónico al instructor para solicitar el enlace a la clase Zoom.
Para obtener información acerca de cómo usar Zoom; haga clic aquí:

Póliza de Zoom:
Todas las clases serán impartidas por su instructor habitual de la escuela y utilizarán el material de instrucción aprobado adecuado para la música Elemental. El instructor registrará cada clase de modo que si un estudiante no la recibe, podrá verla más tarde. (Incluiremos un enlace a la página de video una vez que el programa comience.) Esperamos que los padres monitoreen el uso de la computadora e Internet por parte de sus participantes. Exigimos que los padres inicien y apaguen a sus estudiantes y los supervisen como lo harían con cualquier uso de la computadora e Internet.

Basic Zoom Instructions:
Here is a video tutorial or you can read the instructions below.
  1. Go to
  2. Click on the blue SIGN UP, IT'S FREE button at the upper right of your screen.
  3. Enter your email address (don't worry that it says "Your work email address" - you can use whatever address you prefer).
  4. A box will pop up asking you to confirm your email. Click the orange Confirm button.
  5. Zoom will send you an account activation email. Find it in your inbox and click the blue Activate Account button.
  6. You'll be taken to a Welcome to Zoom page. Fill in your First Name, Last Name, and Password where indicated, then click the orange Continue button.
  7. You are now signed in. Make a note of the email address and password you used to sign in to your Zoom account for future reference.
  8. Ignore the Don't Zoom Alone section. At the upper right of the screen, hover your cursor over RESOURCES (above the blue sign-up button) so that the drop-down menu appears.
  9. Click on Download Zoom Client.
  10. Under Zoom Client for Meetings, click the blue Download button.

For Mac users:
  • Once the Zoom.pkg file has downloaded, double-click the file in your Downloads folder and follow the directions to install Zoom.
  • Upon installation, Zoom Client will automatically be added to your Applications folder.
  • When installation is complete, the Zoom Client window will open showing your Personal Meeting ID phone number. You may close the window at this time, because you won't need to use Zoom until just before class begins.

For PC users:
  • Once the ZoomInstaller.exe file has downloaded, click to open the file at the bottom of your browser (or in your Downloads folder).
  • The PC's User Account Control window will open. Click Yes to allow the program to make changes to your computer.
  • Upon installation, a Zoom shortcut icon will automatically appear on your computer desktop.
  • When installation is complete, the Zoom Client window will appear. You may close the window at this time, because you won't need to use Zoom until just before class begins.
For tablet and smartphone users:
  • Download the ZOOM Cloud Meetings app from either the Apple App Store (iOS users) or the Google Play Store (Android users).
If you plan to watch and participate live, simply double-click the Zoom icon in your Applications folder (for Mac users) or the Zoom shortcut on your desktop (for PC users) to open the Zoom Client window (tablet and smartphone users simply need to open the Zoom app), then click the link in your email to be joined into the class. That's it! If you don't want others to be able to see you, you can click the video camera icon to turn off your webcam. 
Although there are several steps above to download and install the Zoom software, they are all simple and straightforward, so...PLEASE read all of the instructions thoroughly FIRST. Then, if you encounter an issue setting up Zoom AND you've searched deep within your soul to see if there's any way to find the answer yourself, please let us know if you have questions and we'll do our best to answer them as soon as possible. Zoom may have made some changes to their installation process since these instructions were first written, but the procedure is fairly intuitive, and you should be able to follow their prompts.

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